Boys Basketball

Affiliation:  Our Boys' teams compete in the Chesterfield Basketball League (CBL). Play in the leagues is governed by the basketball rules published by the National Federation of State High School and CBL where applicable. Hening Athletics conducts registration, selects coaches, forms teams/squads and provides uniforms. Game schedules and rules are provided by the league.


Eligibility:  Children who live within the Hening Elementary School attendance boundary, attendance zone or eligible free agents (see policy below) are eligible to play for the Hening Athletic Association. Boys that are at least 7 years old and no older than 18 years old on December 31st of the current year.

  • Free Agent Policy: Children who live within the Hening Elementary School attendance boundaries will only be released to play for another association if we are unable to place them on a team. Players who request to play for another association will be released according to the request date and the merits of the individual case.

Player Ages

We offer teams for players from age 6 through 18. The player cannot turn 19 before March of the playing season

Team Breakdown

  • Instructional - Ages 6 - 7 and first time playing 8 year olds
  • Cubs - Age 9 and under
  • Minors - Ages 11 and under
  • Intermediate - Ages 13 and Under
  • Juniors - Ages 15 and under
  • Seniors - Ages 18 and under

Competitive Levels: Two competitive levels are available in ALL levels of play above the Rookies. The "A" division is intended to be of a higher competitive level for the more experienced players, while the "B" division is designed to be developmental in nature.

Instructional League: This program is designed as an introduction to basketball for 7&8 year old boys. The emphasis is on the instruction of skills. The core of the program is regional clinics conducted on Saturday mornings.


Coaches: All of our Coaches are volunteers and are selected by the Basketball Administrator. Coaches are then approved by vote of the Association board. Additionally all coaches must pass a Chesterfield Background check. Dates for getting the background will be posted on our association calendar.

Game Locations

Games: are played played in various gyms around Chesterfield only. This is not a travel league. Typically, each level will play all of its games in the same gym.

Practice: Each team is allotted weekly practice time at local school gyms subject to availability. Practices are between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The league provides each association with practice locations and times. The association determines team actual practice times and locations from there.

Our Instructional level will practice one night per week. All other levels will get two nights. We set the practice times so that the younger teams practice earliest.

Practice and Games

Season: Pre-season practice begins in November, and the final game is played around the middle of March.

Games:  Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays beginning the first Saturday after New Years and extend until the beginning of March for boys. Game schedules are typically distributed by the League during the week prior to the first game. Please note: the Hening Athletic Association does not set up the game schedules.

Playing Time: Coaches will abide by the league rules regarding playing time. Playing time rules differ based on the competitive level of the team your player is on.

Post Season Play: All teams participate in a post-season tournament except the Instructional team. The type of tournament, single or double elimination will be determined by level of play, record, age group etc.


Basketball total fee - 195.00

Fees breakdown:

$125.00 Participation fee per player

$50.00 Fund Raiser Fee*

$20.00 Family Membership

The fees go towards uniforms, insurance, equipment and league fees. Fees can be paid online or in person by cash, money order or credit card. The uniforms are yours to keep.

Our goal is to keep fees down and potentially lower them through fundraising. Please see our fundraising initiative.


If you have questions about Boys Basketball, please contact

Boys Basketball Director - Joe Winston at 804-980-7775 ext 111 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of Insurance if any is there?

A: Insurance:  Supplemental medical insurance is provided by the Chesterfield Basketball league, Not Hening Athletics and is funded by registration fees. This insurance covers out-of-pocket expenses not paid by the family’s primary medical policy and is subject to a $100 deductible. The Basketball Administrator has forms and instructions for making a claim against this policy.

Boys Basketball 2024

Registration for the 2024 season  has begun.  Please make sure to create your user account and add your players in order to register.  

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